I never thought I’d see a mower that could run off a drill battery, but here we are with the Ryobi P1140-S. While definitely not a very big mower, it is still a very impressive accomplishment.

The cool thing about this mower is certainly the interchangeability of the ONE+ 18v battery, it can be used with over 125 other ONE+ Ryobi tools giving you extreme versatility.

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Ease of Use



There’s nothing too fancy about this mower. It’s got a single point deck height adjustment with 5 settings between 1.5″ tall and 3″ tall.

The Ryobi P1140-S 13″ Mower is 2-1 meaning you can do either bagging (1 bushel size) or mulching. No side discharge on this unit.

An ergonomically designed operator’s handle is adjustable between 3 positions and is also easily foldable.

Moving the mower around is quite easy as well with 5.5″ wheels on the front and 7″ wheels on the back while only weighing 27 lbs.

This mower is meant for 1/4 acre yards or less and claims to have a 30 minute run time on a fully charged battery (in reality it seems like closer to 20 minutes is the norm.) I wouldn’t want to cut anywhere near a 1/4 acre with this even if I had unlimited batteries.

Batteries do charge up in about 1.5 to 2 hours.


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Service Manual for Ryobi ONE+ 13″ Mower


Final Thoughts

This is a cool mower if you go into it knowing the limitations. This is not for a big yard (no where near 1/4 acre, IMO) and if you can’t cut the yard within about 20 minutes you’ll either need another battery or take an extended break.

The mower is only 13″ wide (usually other battery powered or gas powered mowers are at least 6″ wider) so that is going to mean more time to cut.

But, the versatility of the Ryobi P1140-S ONE+ system along with not needing gas or oil will work out well for people that don’t have very big yards.

For just under $200 I think this mower is nice for the right crowd.

If you like the idea of this mower but need a slightly bigger mower or longer run time, there is a beefed up 16″ model with 2 batteries, but also almost twice the price. Click here for that one.



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– Brandon