This Cub Cadet SC900 Self Propelled mower has a lot going for it. The cool thing about the self-propelled is it matches your pace. So if you walk faster, it will speed up. If you slow down it will slow down.

You also have 3-in-1 cutting options: bag, mulch or rear discharge.

Let’s look at the mower a little more.






Ease of Use



The engine on this Cub Cadet SC900 Self Propelled mower is made by MTD (as is the mower) and is 196cc. You can fill it up with about 1/3 gallon of gas.

Even in tall grass the engine does not bog down nor does the mower slow down. 196cc is pretty large for a walk behind mower so there is definitely a lot of power here.

There is a 2 pull easy start guarantee. You don’t even need to prime the unit. Though I have seen where some people have complained about this not working properly, though it seems to be just fine for most people.

The 23″ deck is made of 13 gauge stamped steel. It is adjustable to 6 different positions between 1.25″ and 3.75″ high.

The Cub Cadet SC900 also has a foldable handle for easy storage.


Click here to read the full warranty for the Cub Cadet SC900 Self Propelled Mower
Service Manual for Cub Cadet SC900 Walk Behind Mower


Final Thoughts

The Cub Cadet SC900 Self Propelled 23″ mower has a lot of nice features. There is also a deck wash port that does a pretty good job.

Most complaints online have something to do with either the auto choke/fast start not working properly or some people have a hard time pulling the mower backwards (even with the “go handle” disengaged because there is no true neutral on this mower, so there is always some resistance.)

All in all this is a nice mower. It’s a little pricey, but that is to be expected to have the nice self propelled feature and other upgrades this mower features.



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– Brandon