ECHO has long been one of the leaders in yard work accessories such as blower and weed eaters and generally they have some really good products on the market. Is this mower worth the price tag?






Ease of Use



The mower itself is a 21″ wide deck that can adjust from between .75″ high to 4″ high (you have to adjust each front wheel.) You can either bag the clippings or use the included mulching kit. There is no side discharge on this model.

One 4.0 Ah 56v comes with this mower but you can either buy another one or swap with other tools in the ECHO collection to give the mower more run time. If you add a second battery you just flip a key over to select the battery. So there is no worry if you have one 4.0 Ah battery and one 2.0 Ah battery, either will work.

The interchangeability is one of the best things about this mower. So if you are wanting a weed eater or 550CFM leaf blower or chain saw you could also get them from the ECHO 56v suite of options.

Generally the one 4.0 Ah battery will give you a run time of about 30-45 minutes in normal grass.

The handlebar has 3 adjustable options and the ECHO 21″ 58v mower folds up nicely for compact storage.

The mower is 57 lbs which is not super heavy.

Some of the biggest complaints noted is the battery life severely shrinks in cold weather. Parts are hard to find (such as replacing the blade if you hit something) because they are not standard parts. Also one user noted he had Zoysia grass, which is very thick, and the mower just bogged down all the time. Something to keep in mind if you have that type of grass.

For the most part everyone was happy with the cut job this ECHO CLM-58V4AH mower did.


Click here to read the full warranty for the ECHO 21″ 58v Battery Operated Mower
Service Manual for the ECHO CLM-58V4AH Mower


Final Thoughts

This isn’t a bad mower by any means. However, unless you have a set of 58v ECHO tools already (to change the batteries around) then I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to just go with the EGO 21″ Self-Propelled Mower which has a bigger battery, longer run time, is self propelled and has better overall reviews.



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– Brandon